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About Us


  • Is a private, nonprofit Christian school. Our schools currently serve families with students from Preschool through the twelfth grade.

  • Was established in 1975 and has operated previously at locations in the cities of Norwalk, Cypress, and Stanton. Pioneer Christian Schools purchased the facility it now occupies in June of 1991.

  • Is served by a highly qualified staff of dedicated Christians. Student/teacher ratios are among the lowest in the county for all grades. This allows for more individualized instruction and supervision of progress.

  • Regularly tests all students to verify the quality of the educational programs as a whole and to evaluate our students’ performance against all other schools in the state of California and nationally.

  • Primarily uses the A Beka curriculum, which is an accelerated, Christian-based curriculum. A Beka stresses phonics, traditional mathematics, and is college preparatory in the upper grade program.

  • Has a dress code standard, which includes uniforms for Kindergarten through 12th grades.

  • Is a charter member of the highly respected ACSI (Associated Christian Schools International).

  • Is governed by an independent Board of Directors made up of members from various congregations of the Church of Christ.

  • PIONEER CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS is not owned by a church and is nondenominational in the purest sense of the word.

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  • is to develop the total personality of each child, by providing an educational experience of lasting value.

  • SPIRITUALLY by inclusion of God’s Word, interspersed in the daily program using Bible stories, verse memorization, and songs. There is always a special Bible story time each day, as well.

  • ACADEMICALLY by training children in phonics, letter and number recognition, and other pre-reading and writing activities which prepares them for our ABeka curriculum in a full day academic Kindergarten class.

  • PHYSICALLY by offering experiences which develop large and small muscle development and motor skills.

  • SOCIALLY by encouraging participation in group activities, in learning to get along with others and to share, which will help bring a feeling of security and belonging to the children.



  • We currently serve children ages 2 years through Pre-Kindergarden. Our campus is open from 6 am until
    6 pm, Monday through Friday.


  • Located at a separate campus, Orange County Christian School is a private, non-profit Christian school providing academic programs for Kindergarten through 12th Grade.


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